Karen Read update: Stunning new testimony in contentious murder trial of Boston police officer

ByEva Pilgrim ABCNews logo
Thursday, June 20, 2024
Karen Read trial: Stunning new testimony in contentious murder case dividing Boston and captivating
Did Karen Read kill her police officer boyfriend?

BOSTON -- Prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case soon against Karen Read, the Massachusetts woman accused of killing her Boston police officer boyfriend.

It's a murder trial that has divided a Boston suburb, and is now captivating true crime enthusiasts and creating a huge buzz on social media.

Read is on trial for second-degree murder and is accused of killing her police officer boyfriend John O'Keefe. Prosecutors claim she hit him with her SUV in January 2022 and left him to die in the snow in a massive blizzard.

Last week, prosecutors revealed messages between Read and O'Keefe on the day before his death, which they say paints a picture of some possible troubles in their relationship.

"At 2:25 pm, 'Tell me if you're interested in someone else. Can't think of any other reason you've been like this.' From Karen. John responds back 'Nope. Things haven't been great between us for a while. Ever consider that?'" Massachusetts State Police Trooper Nicholas Guarino testified.

The trial started on April 16. Early on, the state played dash cam video showing officers and Read at the scene. Read could be seen in the video frantically running around.

"She kept saying 'This is all my fault, this is my fault. I did this,'" Officer Steven Saraf testified.

But Read's defense team is arguing this is all a coverup, claiming that she is being framed. Read said she didn't kill O'Keefe and claims that he was killed during a fight inside a Boston police officer's home where his body was found.

Read spoke to ABC News' Matt Gutman before the trial started.

"You're alleging that law enforcement officials in the state committed murder and that they're covering it up. Why would they want to be involved in this?" Gutman asked.

"Because he's dead. I think things went too far. It was late. There was alcohol involved," Read responded.

For the family O'Keefe, it's been a grueling couple of years. They remember him as a consummate family man who was raising his deceased sister's children as his own.