Marvel star Tom Hiddleston reflects on 14 years of playing Loki

"Loki" star Tom Hiddleston talks about how rewarding it has been playing the character for over 14 years.

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Monday, June 10, 2024
Marvel star Tom Hiddleston reflects on 14 years of playing Loki
Marvel star Tom Hiddleston reflects on his 14 years of playing "Loki" and explains the evolution in his performance.

LOS ANGELES -- It has been 14 years since the "god of mischief" first destroyed the Bifrost in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and both fans and critics still share a love for the character of Loki.

Played by Tom Hiddleston, we've seen Loki grow from being Thor's vengeful brother to now being a multiversal traveler and guardian of the sacred timeline.

As his popularity grew, he acquired his own series on Disney+ with season one receiving six Emmy nominations and after a successful season two, even more Emmy nominations could be on the way.

"I got to be playful and light and warm and charming and mischievous, crucially mischievous," Hiddleston told On The Red Carpet. "But I've also got to play in some more profound emotions about belonging and meaning."

"It has been the surprise of my whole life to play this character, and to keep playing him. The character has such range, and depth, and complexity and there's always new stuff to find, and I love it."

"Loki" seasons one and two are streaming on Disney+.

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