Pat Sajak says hosting 'Wheel of Fortune' has been 'awfully gratifying' ahead of final episode

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Monday, June 3, 2024
Pat Sajak talks hosting 'Wheel of Fortune' ahead of final episode
Pat Sajak talks hosting 'Wheel of Fortune' ahead of final episode

Before his final episode this week, Pat Sajak sat down with a familiar face, his daughter, Maggie Sajak, in an interview covering his 41 seasons and more than 8,000 episodes as the man behind "Wheel of Fortune."

Sajak's daughter joined the "Wheel of Fortune" team as the show's social correspondent in 2021.

In an exclusive clip of the interview shared with "Good Morning America," Pat Sajak said he was at peace with the conclusion of his run on the show, and that he is "enjoying" the final week. He announced in June 2023 that the show's 41st season would be his last.

"This was announced a long time ago, almost a year ago. So I've had time to sort of get used to it. And it's been a little bit wistful and all that, but I'm enjoying it and taking it all in and reflecting on the great run," Pat Sajak told his daughter.

Alongside his famed television partner, Vanna White, Sajak has spent over four decades quizzing wheel spinners on fill-in-the-blank phrases.

Weeks after Sajak announced that he was stepping down from his position, it was announced that Ryan Seacrest would replace him as host.

Sajak said he was grateful for the success the show has seen through the years.

"Somewhere along the line, we became more than a popular show. We became part of the popular culture. And more importantly, we became part of people's lives. And, that's been awfully gratifying," he said.

Pat Sajak said though he could probably continue his role as host of the pop culture mainstay, there were other things he wanted to focus on.

"I've always said to you, you've heard me say this dozens of times. I'd rather leave a couple years too early than a couple of years too late," Pat Sajak said. "It's been a great 40 years, and I'm looking forward to whatever's ahead."

Pat Sajak joked with his daughter at the prospect of spending his new free time playing with future grandchildren. "I'm perfectly happy if it just means that I'll continue with my crossword puzzles and play with grandchildren. Hint hint hint. No pressure."

Sajak's final episode hosting "Wheel of Fortune" will air on Friday, June 7, on ABC. The episode will coincide with the "Wheel of Fortune" season 41 finale.

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