Family of American woman missing from Bahamas yoga retreat speaks out

ByErielle Reshef ABCNews logo
Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Family of American woman missing from Bahamas yoga retreat speaks out
Taylor Casey's loved ones are calling on the FBI and U.S. State Department to intervene in helping find the missing American.

CHICAGO -- The family of a Chicago woman who vanished while on a yoga retreat in the Bahamas is calling on the U.S. government to get involved. Taylor Casey's loved ones said they are not satisfied with answers from local authorities and ashram leaders.

This, after what her mother said she experienced a "deeply unsettling" visit to the island.

Nearly two weeks after Casey mysteriously vanished, Colette Seymore is desperately pleading for the FBI and U.S. State Department to intervene.

"Nobody was acting like this was their child that's missing," Seymore said.

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"They didn't have any leads or any conclusions about what might have happened, and there were some real gaps in the information," said Casey's friend, Emily Williams. "If Americans are not safe abroad and our government isn't doing anything about it, that's a problem."

"It is vitally important to work these cases the minute you know about a person being missing," said ABC News contributor Brad Garrett.

Taylor's mother described her visit to collect her belongings from the retreat as "deeply unsettling" and said it seemed like leadership there "were struggling to keep a linear and cohesive narrative regarding Taylor's disappearance."

"The one that informed me my child was missing, I thought she would have really, you know, came in to meet me, to see me. But she didn't. She was on the premises teaching a class. A class! Is a class more important than my child missing?" Seymore said.

The 41-year-old was last seen in Nassau on June 20 at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat.

The Ashram said that when Taylor didn't show up for her yoga classes, they alerted authorities immediately and have been trying to assist the family ever since.

"We met with them along with the police and the representatives of the U.S. embassy on two occasions... at the end of the afternoon, Taylor's mother and friends thanked us profusely for our help," The Ashram said to ABC News.

Bahamian police said they're using all resources at their disposal, also telling ABC News it is a matter of priority.

"Your family loves you. We miss you. We need you home and we're doing everything we can," Seymore said.