Musicians perform at Raleigh Little Theatre one year after death of George Floyd

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Tuesday performance at the Raleigh Little Theatre served as a fundraiser for the George Floyd Memorial Center.

One year since the death of Floyd, musicians and presenters gathered in Raleigh, expressing themselves in many ways.

United Strings of Color, a non-profit project created in 2018 to address racial disparity in classical music, performed at the event.

"Being Black in America is fearing for your life everyday you step out on the street who don't look like you. Seeing police and thinking - 'Will this be my last breath?' I can't breathe. Something needs to change," said presenter Destiny Carless

Donations encouraged both in-person and online towards The George Floyd Memorial Center.

"Obviously the youth are the future leaders of this nation. And the younger we can get involved, the more likely change will happen," said musician Kennedy Mitchell.

"What is it we're trying to accomplish in this life? The one life that we do have - is coming together as a a human race. Having those conversations that aren't so easy all the time," said George Floyd's uncle Roger Floyd.

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