First responders, hospital workers honored for their service 1 year after Raleigh mass shooting

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Sunday, October 15, 2023
Hedingham 1 year later: Raleigh, Wake County first responders honored
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First responders from across Raleigh and Wake County honored for service during the October 13, 2022 mass shooting in Hedingham.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's been one year since the mass shooting in Raleigh's Hedingham community that left five people, including a Raleigh police officer dead.

Saturday, City leaders, law enforcement officials, and civilians gathered in downtown Raleigh to honor the first responders and hospital workers who sprung into action and rushed to save lives that day.

"I'm incredibly proud of all that you do. And I salute you because while many were running from danger, you were running to it," RPD Police Chief Estella Patterson said.

"Today, we remember. Today we reflect. Today we stand together in support and solidarity, knowing that today is a foundation and a bridge for tomorrow," Wake County Sheriff Wille Rowe said.

Dispatcher Duana Dailey worked as a 911 supervisor on the day of the shooting.

"Everybody from across the state wanted to know how they could help," she said. "And that's the thing that stands out to me the most."

WakeMed's trauma team also received recognition for their life-saving work that day.

"We're ready. We train for it," said Dr. Pascal Udekwu executive medical director, of trauma services."But we also know that the outcome is not always perfect."

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The event followed an emotional vigil held Friday evening in the neighborhood. Chief Patterson says the healing has provided a needed sense of unity for the community that continues to heal one year later.

"I think we have to continue to honor the lives of those who were fallen and their legacy as well, making sure that we are a community of one, making sure even though we have differences, that we come together and we align and work for the best for Raleigh," she said.

"Yes, we lost Nicole Conners and Susan Karnes and Mary Marshall and James Thompson. And yes, Lynn Garner continues on her journey to recovery and she looks amazing. But we remain Raleigh strong."

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Mary Marshall, Nicole Conners, Susan Karnartz, Officer Gabriel Torres and James Thompson were all killed on October 13, 2022.