'It makes you feel safer': Enhanced security measures on the way to Raleigh Municipal Building

ByJamiese Price WTVD logo
Monday, August 1, 2022
Enhanced Security Measures on the Way to Raleigh Municipal Building
Raleigh is rolling out new security measures on Monday at the city's municipal building on Hargett Street requiring all employees and visitors to go through a security check.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Raleigh is rolling out new security measures on Monday at the city's municipal building on Hargett Street. The new measures will require all employees and visitors to walk -through metal detectors, "wanding" of bags, and if needed, their bags will be checked.

Logan Kemp, who was downtown on Sunday, said he supports the new move by the city.

"The extra security does help out a lot. I know a lot of people are tired of people thinking, oh it's not important. Everybody looks out for each other. I definitely agree with a lot more security measures," Kemp said.

Up until now, the city relied only on a sign-in process. Madison Minton, an intern in Raleigh, says the new safety protocols provide a sense of security

" It makes you feel safer once you're inside. It's a hassle to get through, but it protects people who are working inside and the people who are visiting," Minton said.

A city representative told ABC11 that metal detectors will be placed at One Exchange Plaza and Martin Street at a later date.

Some Raleigh residents questioned the move.

" I don't remember the last time there was a security issue at the municipal building," said Dexy Kam. "So, in my point of view I would prefer those funds, those measures would be done in places where we have security issues in the past like schools, like churches. Something needs to be done differently than that and that seems to be a stop-gap or political move to make people feel safe, not necessarily it's going to make a difference in the short term or long term."

Eileen who was downtown on Sunday questioned if the measures were an overreach.

"It worries me to see more and more ways in which your privacy and your security get taken away. There is definitely good cause for metal detectors as it relates to firearms. I think that in a way is fine. You go to the court house and you walk through and that's fine, but I think in general I get pretty uncomfortable just by people trying to push these things on others," Eileen said.

Under the building rules, all weapons are prohibited. There is also a size restriction on signs people can bring to the building. Starting Monday, signs must be 18" X 18". The previous size restriction was 36" X 36".

A spokesperson for the city said the enhanced security measures will benefit guests and employees. You can read more about the changes HERE.