Heat map shows renters the noisiest spots in Raleigh

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A heat map from Rent Lingo was created to help people looking to rent in downtown Raleigh know what areas are the noisiest.

The shades of orange are the noisiest places to live, and they pop up near East Martin Street and Wilmington Street.

The Warehouse District is also among the noisiest neighborhoods when you look at the nighttime data.

When it comes to daytime hours, though, from Hargett for Lenoir between Fayetteville Street and Blount Street is the noisiest. So is the area between Harrington and Salisbury between Peace and Lane Street.

We reached out to Rent Lingo and they told us they want to create more information and transparency for renters in top markets like Raleigh.

To see the interactive map from Rent Lingo, click here.

The information comes from real-time data like construction. The map is also based on transportation, business, and traffic data.

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