Report: Raleigh officer shot mentally ill man after stun gun failed to stop him

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Report: Raleigh officer shot mentally ill man after stun gun failed to stop him
Police have just released their five day report shedding new light on what went on inside a Raleigh office building before a police officer shot a mentally ill patient in the chest.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Raleigh police have released a step-by-step look at what led up to a police-involved shooting inside a Raleigh office building that ended with a mentally-ill patient shot in the chest.

The department's "Five Day Report" explained why the officer had to turn to deadly force to end the situation.

911 Caller: "We need somebody in this Suite 200 right now. There is a patient attacking one of our staff members."

That was the call that had police racing to "Family Preservation Services of North Carolina" on Barrett Drive on Dec. 17.

911 Operator: "Does anybody have any weapons?"

911 Caller: "I don't know what this man has."

The preliminary report police just released confirms Marcel Jordan had scissors in his right hand.

He apparently got upset with an employee at the mental health treatment facility, where he'd been receiving treatment for the last six months, after getting questioned about his behavior.

That's when Jordan, who his parents call a "big teddy bear," reportedly started damaging the office, assaulting the worker, and screaming, "You don't (expletive) with me! This is what you get for (expletive) with me! I'm gonna kill a cop today! I don't mind if I die today! I'm ready to die!"

"My understanding is that when they came, my son had barricaded himself and locked himself in the bathroom," said Gabrielle Brown, Marcel Jordan's mother, over the weekend.

However, the report revealed Jordan was standing in a hallway when officers arrived and yelled "I'll kill you" before edging closer to them, and refusing commands to drop the scissors and get on the ground.

Before officers grabbed for their guns, they tried to tase Jordan. However, when that appeared to fail, Officer S.C. Nziuki fired her weapon hitting Jordan in the torso.

Nziuki is now on administrative leave while the SBI investigates.

Jordan's family lawyer released a statement Tuesday night which said in part the police's report only raises more questions about what really happened on Dec. 17.

Click here to read the complete statement.

Jordan is in serious condition at WakeMed.

The statement said Jordan is unconscious, unable to communicate, and breathing through a ventilator while his family prays for his recovery.

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