Robeson County family frustrated at lack of answers in shooting death of 5-year-old

ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Frustration is growing for a local mother. It's been nearly three weeks since her five-year-old son was shot and killed while sitting in the backseat of a car in Robeson County.

Despite the child's older brother identifying a suspect, no arrests have been made.

Alva Oxendine would have been six years old on Monday. His life was cut short nearly three weeks ago after a shooting at a home in Robeson County.

Deputies told ABC11 there was a large fight involving some 20 to 30 people including those who simply showed up to watch.

At some point, someone started shooting- one bullet hitting Alva Oxendine, who later died at the hospital despite his mother's desperate attempts to get help from the Red Springs Police Department less than a mile from the scene.

Galbreath said her other son identified the shooter, description and all, but still no arrests. The family said they were told by the DA that the seven-year-old's statements weren't enough.

"He said that the DA did not want to take the word of a seven-year-old or put him on the stand," Alva's grandfather told ABC11.

District Attorney Matthew Scott denied that allegation telling ABC11 that investigators were working very hard on the case.

Though the brother's account was helpful, he simply can't build a case around one account neglecting the some 20 to 30 people's accounts from the scene, cell phone video and other evidence.

"The Robeson County Sheriff's Office is Law enforcement is doing it's due diligence and working extremely hard to find out what occurred and who's responsible," Scott told ABC11.

The family said they just want closure.

"I want justice for my child. I do," said Delicia Galbreath.
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