Deep-sea diver gets 'very gentle' nudge from seal in adorable video

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Thursday, September 24, 2020
Ever wanted to get up close and personal with a seal? This diver did and it was the cutest moment caught on camera.

NORTHUMBERLAND, England -- Some people say seals are actually water dogs, and a video shared by a diver may prove it to be true.

The adorable video was posted to Twitter by deep-sea diver Ben Burville. Burville was taking a dive in the waters off of the Farne Islands, an archipelago in the North Sea, when a grey seal got up close and personal with him.

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In the cute footage, the seal can be seen nudging Burville's cheek. "I could feel my #DiveBuddy's soft nose push against my face," Burville wrote on Twitter.

Burville, who has been studying the underwater behavior of seals for over 20 years, added that the seal who initiated the interaction was "very gentle."

But this isn't Burville's first encounter with a seal. Just last year, he was left breathless when a playful seal removed his scuba mouthpiece with his nose and a flipper.

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