The best sustainable gifts for this year's holiday season

ByChi Tran WTVD logo
Thursday, November 2, 2023

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Each American produces 4.9 pounds of waste a day, adding up to 292 million tons of waste in 2018, according to the EPA. Instead of using one-time plastic items, you may want to seek out more sustainable products. Lucky for you, this shopping guide features a variety of eco-friendly items.

1. Our Place Always Pan

Made with 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum and without any harmful toxins that normal pans have, Our Place's Always Pan is the best sustainable, non-stick cookware on the market - it's my favorite thing to cook with in my kitchen. Get it for 33% off.

Image credit: Our Place

2. Cariuma Shoes

Cariuma uses premium raw materials to yield a smaller footprint and some stylish, comfortable shoes. My personal favorite is the verstaileBlack Canvas, but the Green & Black SALVAS and Rose Knit IBI have caught my attention as well.

Image credit: Cariuma

3. Eco-friendly Detergent Sheet

These eco-friendly detergent sheets from the Sheets Laundry Club are sustainable, liquid-free and biodegradable, keeping your clothes clean and fresh for the long haul.

Image credit: Amazon

4. Cozy Earth Waffle Towel Deluxe Bundle

These Cozy Earth Waffle Towels are made from 40% bamboo fabric and 60% cotton, helping reduce carbon footprint on towel products. Get 30% off sitewide.

Image credit: Cozy Earth

5. Oral-B Electric Toothbrush with Replacement Head

Swap out your manual toothbrush that wastes so much material with this slick rechargeable toothbrush from Oral-B, which comes with a replacement head as well, now at 32% off.

Image credit: Amazon

6. Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo is the future of toilet paper - clean, tree-free and safe for all disposable systems.

Image credit: Amazon

7. Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

The Lomi Smart Waste Electric Composter is the ultimate kitchen appliance for turning food and waste into nutrient-rich natural fertilizer. Give back to the earth one compost at a time.

Image credit: Amazon

8. Everlane Holiday Clothes

Everlane is one of the clothing companies most committed to sustainability, using organic cotton and eliminating virgin plastic from their clothing. Check out their holiday fits for some eco-friendly clothing.

Image credit: Everlane

9. Girlfriend Collective

Speaking of sustainable clothing, it would be criminal not to mention Girlfriend Collective, which uses 100% recyclable packaging and eco-friendly clothing materials. These high-rise leggings are particular fan favorites.

Image credit: Girlfriend Collective

10. Grove Collaborative Cleaning Essentials

Grove Collaborative's brand is sustainability personified - products are biodegradable and toxin-free yet still smell amazing and clean deep.

Image credit: Amazon

11. Yihong Metal Straws

Everyone needs a metal straw - they're reusable, have a good mouth feel, and can be easily cleaned.

Image credit: Amazon

12. Toothpaste Tablets

One of my favorite eco-friendly products, these toothpaste tablets are revolutionary, replacing its packaging with a reusable tin can and still giving you a fresh, minty scent just like any regular toothpaste.

Image credit: Amazon