Anonymous donor gives 100 special needs children a shopping spree at Toys 'R' Us

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Friday, December 22, 2017
Anonymous donor gives 100 special needs children a shopping spree
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CeFaan Kim reports from Lake Grove.

LAKE GROVE, Long Island -- An anonymous donor is once again spreading holiday cheer by sending special needs children on a shopping spree for toys.

Eight-year-old Angela Rose has an amazing smile and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Just imagine how her father feels.

"It's amazing," said James Trombino, Angela's father. "Just to see the expression on their faces. Pick whatever you want."

Pick whatever you want.

Because Angela is one of more than 100 kids with special needs on a shopping spree at Toys "R" Us in Lake Grove, Suffolk County.

It was made possible by an anonymous donor.

"This is great. I'm very happy. And whoever has made this possible from the bottom of my heart there are no words thank you so much," said Terri Lang, a mother.

If this story sounds familiar it's because Eyewitness News was with the group last year in Commack.

This year the same anonymous Santa somewhere out there opened up his or her heart and wallet once again, this year donating, even more, $25,000.

The children are from the nonprofit Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE).

"I think it's a sense of giving back for us and for time as well," said Anu Arnold of FREE. That they're part of the larger society."

So the kids get gifts, and parents get the gift of seeing their kids filled with joy.

But there are priceless intangible gifts too.

"Always give to somebody who has less than you do," said Lilian Elenio, an aunt.

Elenio taught 15-year-old Lauren how to pay it forward, by donating extra money Wednesday night to another family there in need.

That's the gift of unconditional love. Like a father, forever patient, always there to hold your hand.