Share the Pie: Thanksgiving pie sales benefit two Triangle non-profits

Two Triangle nonprofits are behind the #ShareThePie campaign signs popping up around Raleigh.

"Everybody needs pie for Thanksgiving, so why not buy a pie and have it go to a nonprofit in your community?" Culinary Director of Catering Works Jill Santalucia asked.

Catering Works is one of about 75 Triangle bakers donating their services to bake three types of pies for SharethePie.Org.

The campaign is hoping to sell 3,000 pies to benefit Alliance Medical Ministries and Step Up Ministry in Wake County.

"Last year, we sold 2,500 pies," said Linda Nunnallee, Executive Direcor of Step Up Ministry. "In the last three years of share the pie, we've raised $123,000 dollars which has helped 77 families not only get a job but provide healthcare," Nunnallee said.

"If we can sell 3,000 pies this year, we'll add 66 families to that total!" Nunnallee said.

Pumpkin, Pecan, and Chocolate Chess pies can be ordered through ShareThePie.Org.

Customers can pick up pies from one of nine locations across Raleigh before Thanksgiving.

Pies can also be purchased to be donated to those in need for Thanksgiving dessert.
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