Southwest Airlines employee hands out snacks she bought for customers after days of canceled flights

ByShelley Childers KTRK logo
Wednesday, December 28, 2022
Canceled Southwest flights: Frustrated families seek alternate means of travel, going over budget, hoping for reimbursement
Some have missed out on seeing their loved ones during the holidays, and others are spending money they hadn't budgeted for hotels or rental cars.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Chips, granola bars, and more. A Southwest Airline employee who usually works behind the scenes, was spotted in the frontlines, feeding hungry folks who were waiting in long lines following consecutive flight cancelations.

The video featured above is from a previous report on the Southwest Airline travel nightmare.

Victoria Andrews showed up at Hobby Airport on her day off, rolling her wagon filled with snacks she bought from Costco on her own dime for those stranded passengers. She said she just "wanted to help out."

"I just wanted to help out and do something. So I saw how crazy it was, and I can't do anything with my job, so I was like, I'll come help here," Andrews said.

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