Duke player power rankings: What's next for the comeback kids?

Oh. My. Goodness.

Did you see it? The comeback at Louisville?

Here are your latest Duke power rankings: the 23-point comeback edition ahead of the Blue Devils' matchup Saturday against NC State.

1. Zion Williamson (122 points)

2. Tre Jones (100)

3. RJ Barrett (97)

4. Cam Reddish (83)

5. Marques Bolden (60)

6. Jack White (52)

7. Javin DeLaurier (28)

8. Alex O'Connell (7)

  • Raw stats (9 points): Averaged 22.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.0 blocks and 3.0 steals per game in the past two matchups.

  • Advanced stats (8): Against Virginia and Louisville, Duke made nearly 44 percent of its 3-pointers when Williamson was on the floor.

  • The "Oh no, it's happening" moment bonus (5 points): With the Blue Devils down 62-43 with 6 minutes, 23 seconds to play Tuesday against Louisville, he drove through two defenders, drew the foul and made the free throw, as everybody in the KFC Yum! Center started to look around the room as if that one cousin had just shown up for Thanksgiving.

  • An "Only Zion" moment (3): "We don't know if he can handle the NBA." Did you see him grab a rebound, race down the floor and score in traffic with ease against Louisville during The Comeback? When he came off the bench after sitting for a stretch due to foul trouble, it was as if Duke had tagged in the Ultimate Warrior in a 1990s Survivor Series match.

  • The "LeBron was there?" deduction (minus-5): After the victory at Virginia on Saturday, Williamson claimed he didn't see LeBron James and his entourage sitting courtside. He was obviously joking. But if you're gonna do that, you gotta follow it with, "I didn't see LeBron ... but I'm sure he saw me." Just some free comedic advice from a dude with a pocketful of dad jokes.

  • "The block" bonus (15): The highlight of the week was when Williamson sent De'Andre Hunter's shot to Texas in the most athletic play of the past century.

  • Raw stats (10 points): He's 9-for-22 from the 3- point line in the past two games.

  • Advanced stats (10): He finished with an 85 percent true shooting percentage against Virginia.

  • The "How you like me now?" bonus (14): At some point, you get tired of being the third Jonas brother. Or the 17th-most popular member of BTS. Reddish sent out a reminder this week that he's a top-five pick when he kicked off the run against Louisville with a 3-pointer at the 9:04 mark and then sealed the rally with a game-tying 3-pointer with 1:26 to play. He also tipped the rebound on the other end that led to that bucket. He did it all.

  • Raw stats (8 points): He's made 57 percent of his 3-point attempts in the past two games.

  • Advanced stats (9): He also made 50 percent of his shots at the rim against Virginia, per Hoop-Math.com.

  • "He couldn't miss!" bonus (5): I know we're all talking about the Louisville comeback. But don't forget that Barrett-Curry made his first five 3-point attempts at Virginia with LeBron & Co. in the front row. And then he said, "Pressure? What pressure?" after the game. He talks and plays like an NBA veteran.

  • A "What the [bleep]?" bonus (6): No, Barrett didn't use profanity. But his between-the-legs pass to a trailing Reddish on the game-tying 3-pointer in the final two minutes against Louisville was its on-court equivalent. He was essentially saying, "We're not just here to launch one of the greatest comebacks in NCAA history. We're also here to embarrass you and your aunties and uncles in the fourth row, too."

  • Game-changing play bonus (4 points): His transition from a late steal to a layup in traffic against Louisville near the four-minute mark was the kind of play that kept the momentum going as the Cardinals were attacking.

  • Raw stats (7 points): Nine assists and four steals in the past two games.

  • Advanced stats (7): Both Virginia and Louisville were held to an average of 0.95 points per possession with Jones on the floor.

  • Turnover deduction (minus-1): Jones didn't look like himself against Virginia. And his traveling violation against the Cavs in the first half proved as much.

  • A "Tre Jones will haunt you, anyone you know and their friends too for 94 feet" bonus (14 points): The Louisville game changed on the offensive end because the three top-five picks hit big shots, but coach Mike Krzyzewski's decision to unleash Jones in the full-court press and then scramble around the court in the zone changed everything. He was a shadow out there.

  • Raw stats (6 points): Seven points, five rebounds combined in two games.

  • Advanced stats (6): Virginia and Louisville made 46 percent of their 3-pointers when he was on the bench.

  • Clutch play bonus (4): With five minutes to go at Virginia, his layup off Williamson's interior pass extended Duke's lead to seven points.

  • Raw stats (5 points): Logged 26 minutes total against Virginia and Louisville.

  • Advanced stats (5): Both opponents were held under a point per possession with White on the floor.

  • No. 1 hype man bonus (5): No player on Duke's bench was more excited during The Run at Louisville than White. At one point, he screamed during a timeout.

  • Raw stats (4 points): Four steals in the past two games.

  • Advanced stats (4): Six rebounds in 13 minutes against Louisville.

  • Comeback participation bonus (4): He was active as Duke launched the 23-point comeback.

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