Jamaal Williams will run over opponents while crying, plus more quotes of the week

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Jamaal Williams is fired up, the Razorbacksare looking for respect and more from our quotes of the week.

'I left my crystal ball in my other pants.'

--Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, on whether there will be tension in the locker room between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. Both quarterbacks are in competition for the team's starting spot.

'Last year wasn't it! That ain't us! We can make it!'

--Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams, in a speech to his team in training camp, via "Hard Knocks". The Tigers were 3-13-1 in 2021.

'Don't think these tears are coming from a weak mindset, I will run you over while crying'

-- Williams, on his speech, via his Twitter account

'You ever see a Lamborghini commercial? Don't gotta advertise.'

--Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb, responding to his former teammate Hunter Long's question about why he never tweets or uses Instagram

'In the previous years, Arkansas was always slept on, and we're still dirt under a rug. ... This program has been on the rise, and we're going to keep building and get back on top where Arkansas belongs.'

--Arkansas Razorbacksjunior redshirt quarterback KJ Jefferson, on the team's prospects this year

'I didn't feel a thing. I didn't feel one thing. Literally, I hit it and blacked out until I saw my first-base coach and just started laughing.'

--Atlanta Braves prospect Vaughn Grissom, on hitting a home run in his MLB debut, via Bally Sports South