Social media mockery of 'Chef' shoes doesn't faze Steph Curry

ByBrian Windhorst ESPN logo
Sunday, June 12, 2016

CLEVELAND --Stephen Curry didn't just shake off a slump in leading the Golden State Warriors to the brink of a second consecutive NBA title. He also defended his signature shoes.

In the wake of Curry's substandard performances at the start of the Finals, the newest version of his Under Armour shoe, the Curry 2, was panned by critics after it was released Wednesday.

The all-white shoe is being dubbed the "Chef Curry" and is designed to be comfortable and functional, like a chef would wear in a busy kitchen. The company said the shoes are inspired by how Curry "starts cooking" like a "master chef" when he goes on hot shooting streaks. The shoes retail for $119.99.

The look became a popular punching bag on social media in the 48 hours between Games 3 and 4, with many users mocking them as uncool.

Curry, who had an explosive 38 points in the Warriors' 108-97 Game 4 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, saw the criticism of the shoes and said he wished he'd brought a pair to wear to show them off.

"If I had them in the road bag I would have definitely worn them," Curry said, "and showed you how fire they are."

Those who made fun of the shoes branded them as something for nurses, teachers or senior citizens -- not the niche market Under Armour is targeting. Curry said he saw some of the jokes and mocking nicknames and enjoyed them. And, of course, he praised the design.

"I love the nicknames they came up with," Curry said. "But I like [the shoes]."

An Under Armour spokesperson told ESPN on Saturday that the company was making no comment on the shoes.

ESPN's Darren Rovell contributed to this report.

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