Stanley Cup playoffs picks for NHL's second-round series

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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

The first round of the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs is complete.

The four matchups in the second round are set, which means it's time for another set of predictions from the reporters, analysts and broadcasters of the ESPN hockey family!

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Atlantic Division

A1 FloridaPanthersvs.

A2 BostonBruins

Sean Allen: Panthers in six

John Buccigross: Panthers in five

Ryan Callahan: Panthers in six

Cassie Campbell-Pascall: Panthers in five

Sachin Chandan: Panthers in seven

Ryan S. Clark: Panthers in seven

Linda Cohn: Panthers in six

Ray Ferraro: Panthers in six

Leah Hextall: Panthers in six

Emily Kaplan: Panthers in seven

Tim Kavanagh: Panthers in six

Hilary Knight: Panthers in five

Peter Lawrence-Riddell: Panthers in six

Steve Levy: Bruins in seven

Vince Masi: Panthers in six

Victoria Matiash: Panthers in six

Sean McDonough: Panthers in seven

Mark Messier: Panthers in five

AJ Mleczko: Panthers in six

Arda Öcal: Panthers in five

Kristen Shilton: Panthers in five

P.K. Subban: Panthers in six

Bob Wischusen: Panthers in seven

Greg Wyshynski: Panthers in five

Consensus prediction: Panthers (23 of 24 picks)

Metropolitan Division

M1 New YorkRangersvs.

M2 CarolinaHurricanes

Sean Allen: Hurricanes in six

John Buccigross: Rangers in seven

Ryan Callahan: Rangers in six

Cassie Campbell-Pascall: Rangers in six

Sachin Chandan: Rangers in six

Ryan S. Clark: Hurricanes in seven

Linda Cohn:Rangers in seven

Ray Ferraro: Rangers in seven

Leah Hextall: Hurricanes in six

Emily Kaplan: Rangers in seven

Tim Kavanagh: Rangers in six

Hilary Knight:Rangers in seven

Peter Lawrence-Riddell: Hurricanes in seven

Steve Levy: Rangers in five

Vince Masi: Hurricanes in seven

Victoria Matiash: Hurricanes in six

Sean McDonough: Hurricanes in six

Mark Messier: Rangers in six

AJ Mleczko: Hurricanes in seven

Arda Öcal: Rangers in five

Kristen Shilton: Hurricanes in seven

P.K. Subban: Rangers in seven

Bob Wischusen: Hurricanes in seven

Greg Wyshynski: Rangers in seven

Consensus prediction: Rangers (14 of 24 picks)

Central Division

C1 DallasStarsvs.

C3 ColoradoAvalanche

Sean Allen: Stars in six

John Buccigross: Avs in seven

Ryan Callahan: Avs in seven

Cassie Campbell-Pascall: Avs in seven

Sachin Chandan: Stars in seven

Ryan S. Clark: Avs in seven

Linda Cohn: Stars in seven

Ray Ferraro: Stars in six

Leah Hextall: Stars in seven

Emily Kaplan: Stars in seven

Tim Kavanagh: Stars in six

Hilary Knight: Stars in six

Peter Lawrence-Riddell: Stars in seven

Steve Levy: Stars in seven

Vince Masi: Avs in seven

Victoria Matiash: Stars in seven

Sean McDonough: Stars in seven

Mark Messier: Stars in six

AJ Mleczko: Stars in seven

Arda Öcal: Avs in five

Kristen Shilton: Avs in six

P.K. Subban: Stars in six

Bob Wischusen: Stars in seven

Greg Wyshynski: Stars in seven

Consensus prediction: Stars (17 of 24 picks)

Pacific Division

P1 VancouverCanucksvs.

P2 EdmontonOilers

Sean Allen: Oilers in five

John Buccigross:Oilers in six

Ryan Callahan: Oilers in five

Cassie Campbell-Pascall: Oilers in six

Sachin Chandan: Oilers in five

Ryan S. Clark: Canucks in seven

Linda Cohn: Oilers in seven

Ray Ferraro: Oilers in six

Leah Hextall: Oilers in six

Emily Kaplan: Oilers in six

Tim Kavanagh:Oilers in five

Hilary Knight: Oilers in seven

Peter Lawrence-Riddell: Oilers in six

Steve Levy: Oilers in five

Vince Masi: Oilers in six

Victoria Matiash: Oilers in five

Sean McDonough: Oilers in six

Mark Messier: Oilers in six

AJ Mleczko: Oilers in five

Arda Öcal: Oilers in five

Kristen Shilton: Oilers in six

P.K. Subban: Oilers in six

Bob Wischusen: Oilers in seven

Greg Wyshynski: Oilers in seven

Consensus prediction: Oilers (23 of 24 picks)

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