Triangle Black women are preparing to watch Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court hearing

Next week the nation's eyes will be on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's senate confirmation hearing.

If confirmed on Capitol Hill, Jackson will be the first Black woman associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, an institution historically dominated by white men for more than 230 years.

"What she is going to bring I think it's going to be amazing, and I can't wait to see it," said Saleisha Averhart, of Bowens and Averhart PLLC, a law firm in Raleigh.

"For me, as a former Congressional Black Caucus intern, I am just going to be sitting there with popcorn, rooting her on. It's really amazing to watch. Generations are going to be impacted by this," Averhart added.

Next week, Judge Jackson's opinions as a jurist, her work in private and public law practice, credentials, and educational background will be under intense scrutiny.

ABC11 spoke to a panel of Black women with legal backgrounds in the Triangle about the impact of Brown's formal confirmation hearing with members of congress.

This historic moment stirs up emotions for Black women and girls who finally feel seen.

"Here it is I have been in the legal field for 13 years and I see another Black woman who is now in the most powerful, one of the most powerful positions and I, too, looking at the situation and saying I could do that too," Stephanie Robinson, Deputy General Counsel, NC Department of Transportation said. "It gives me goosebumps. Like I have goosebumps right now thinking about it."

"I'm excited for her and thrilled for our country," Anita Justice Earls Associate Justice for North Carolina's Supreme Court said.

When President Biden announced he would nominate a Black woman, Justice Earls was one of nearly a dozen Black women mentioned in national media as a possible pick.

"My name was floated when President Biden was elected. So, at that point a whole history of my experience and by that point what my rulings on this court were prepared and submitted to the White House counsel's office. So, it wasn't new when the vacancy occurred," said Earls.

"I think what was exciting was to have highlighted for our country in a way that hadn't been in the past, the experiences and the achievements and accomplishments of numerous women of color at various stages of their career. It is inspiring to me... Black woman attorney and advocate for justice now-to see that our court better reflect the profession, our country and the people who are impacted by the court's decisions," Earls added.

The confirmation hearing will run Monday through Thursday.

Monday's hearing begins at 11:00 a.m. with opening statements from Judge Jackson.
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