Survivors share their stories of hope while Taking Strides Against Breast Cancer

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Saturday, October 28, 2023
Cancer survivors share stories of hope during fundraiser in Raleigh
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Survivors who participated in Saturday's Taking Strides Against Breast Cancer fundraiser share their stories with ABC11.

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- We're sharing transcripts of ABC11's interviews with women who participated in Saturday's Taking Strides Against Breast Cancer fundraiser because their stories add context to our televised coverage that is available to watch in the player above.

Linda Slayer-Milner said:

"I've been through the journey, but there's so many more that have gone through so much more than I. I only had to do the radiation part, but there are those that have horrible nightmares and trips up of their chemotherapy and loss of hair. Mine thinned a little bit. I was blessed to get it back, but I've never lost it all.

And there's so much detail and depth to the journey itself, that I just want people to know that there's hope. And this group, this festive time, allows us to celebrate all those obstacles, the adventure, the journey itself so that we know that we are overcomers and talk this through this. And when you see this cluster, this gathering, it gives you hope because you know you're not the only one.

You know that there are more of us out here, and you know that each day...we're walking this path in this journey and this adventure to survive. And if whatever we can do, whatever I can do to let someone know. We're positive about this and we're earning and we're making strides. And the thought of how we can raise funds for the research, how we can help someone that's going through the journey that needs assistance, and anyway those dollars and cents make that happen. So we've got to continue to donate, to walk, to enjoy, and to celebrate the victories. That's why I'm here."

Marietha A. Williams said:

"I'm from Green Acres, Florida, I was diagnosed in September of 2021 and I had a partial mastectomy in October. They found a lump after the mammogram, and it was a small enough area that my surgeon said had he looked at it, he would have waited six months. But I had a female radiologist who said, 'It looks a little suspicious to me, so I want to have it checked.' So they get the needle and from that, I had the surgery and I'm on Tamoxifen and my last mammogram, I'm cancer-free, so I'm just less than highly favored.

It is amazing because there's so many people that support us as survivors, but there are also so many people that have loved ones that they've lost. We just lost one of our sisters a month ago. She had breast cancer, then she had brain cancer. Then it metastasized. She fought it like a strong soldier, but she succumbed so we went to her funeral. it's very important. And raising money helps to get people diagnosed and have awareness of what's going on."