Sweet Shot Cookies offer DIY super gooey cookie injections

CHICAGO -- Have you ever been in the middle of eating a cookie, wishing it could be just that much gooey-er? Now you have your solution at Chicago's Sweet Shot Cookies!

The northwest side shop offers customers an array of colorful, delectable treats including signature "DIY," or "do it yourself," cookies. The DIY comes into play when you take a syringe filled with anything from frosting to s'mores fluff and inject your cookie with added yum.

The result: already mountainous cookies expand even more until the injections create cracks in the facade. These dessert volcanoes are (no surprise) social media stars.

"Our injection videos, people just, they love them," said Sweet Shot Cookies owner Hallie Schwartz, adding, "They love the sprinkles and they love seeing the gooey inside."

When you get home with your cookies, you follow simple instructions for warming them up in the oven and then get to add your own creative flair with the syringes.

"Even though you weren't in the shop with us baking it you added your own touch to it," Schwartz said.

Hungry yet? You can pick up these cookies locally in Chicago or ship them nationwide to anyone with a sweet tooth!