Tank Town USA

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Tank Town USA
Experience the ultimate catharsis that is crushing cars at Tank Town USA.

Blue Ridge, GA. -- A roar rolls over the Great Smoky Mountains, the sounds of steel and aluminum ripping apart, glass exploding, and diesel engines belching fury. The man responsible for the noise calls it Tank Town USA. Since its opening in 2013, this rough and ready theme park has quickly become one of the top destinations for road trips meandering through southern Appalachia.

Owner Todd Liebross first envisioned his Tank Town during a trip to England, where he saw a similar operation and realized he could replicate it. As the United States stopped selling U.S. Military armored vehicles to the public back in the 1950s, he was forced to import these 1960s personnel carriers from the United Kingdom. At nearly fifteen tons each, these historic vehicles have become the focal point of his attraction and business.

Beyond crushing cars in the tanks, patrons can also partake in a slew of other activities, including a hands-on experience with on-site construction equipment. Though youll risk your feet being entombed by the infamous Georgia clay, the reward of a visit will be well worth it. Tank Town has transcended the identity that is the American roadside attraction, becoming a foremost destination of Blue Ride Georgia

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