The new iPhone emojis have arrived

iPhone users, rejoice! There are now over 100 more emoji options to help express your every emotion, activity and food craving.

The new cartoonish illustrations offered with this week's iOS 9.1 update include food items like a burrito, popcorn, and yes, a taco, as well as new sports like archery and badminton and more animals and smiley faces.

While many of the emojis are fun and fanciful (we're looking at you, unicorn emoji) there is one emoji that carries a powerful message.

The Witness emoji, a black-and-white eye in a speech bubble, is part of the "I Am A Witness" anti-bullying initiative from the Ad Council, a nonprofit that runs public-service campaigns. The hope is that teens, or anyone, that witnesses bullying can use the emoji to show their support for the victim and let the person exhibiting the bullying behavior know that someone is watching.

"I have a 13-year-old daughter, and she speaks in emojis," Ad Council CEO Lisa Sherman told "This generation of kids, that's their language. In thinking about the best way to connect with them, working in that world seemed to make the most sense."

An iOS update earlier this year included more than 300 new emojis, including ethnically diverse faces, same sex couples and international flags. In January, Taco Bell started a online petition for the addition of a taco emoji that garnered more than 30,000 signatures.

So whether your texts are about your new favorite sport, your plans for Taco Tuesday, or in support of someone going through a difficult time, your iPhone now has the emojis you need.
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