Gorilla Glue removed from Tessica Brown's hair after procedure by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

ByAnabel Munoz WTVD logo
Saturday, February 13, 2021
Gorilla Glue removed from woman's hair thanks to LA plastic surgeon
Tessica Brown's video sparked a conversation about the hair styling challenges many Black women experience due to Eurocentric beauty standards.

LOS ANGELES -- Tessica Brown's plea for help was watched by millions.

She went viral for using the powerful Gorilla Glue -- an industrial strength adhesive -- on her hair when she ran out of a product called Got2b Glued. For more than a month, Brown's hair remained glued to her scalp.

Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael K. Obeng, empathized after learning of her story.

"I saw how much pain she can potentially be in," said Dr. Obeng. "And after speaking to her, I realized she needed help."

He started working on a solution that would be safe and effective. Brown flew to Los Angeles from New Orleans. The hours-long procedure performed pro bono through Obeng's nonprofit, Restore, worked.

"I was very ecstatic that I can put a smile on somebody's face to eliminate head pain and suffering," Obeng said.

Brown is finally able to run her fingers through her hair again.

"It was a month, but it felt like years," Brown told our sister station KABC-TV.

"I got a happy dance going," said a smiling Brown.

But she admits the condemning and ridiculing comments were painful for her and her family.

"'She's so stupid. That was dumb', you know, 'You should cut your whole head off,'" she said about the social media comments.

One of her children was bullied.

"Somebody made up a song," Brown said. "But instead of telling her, 'Don't worry what people say,' I was in the bathroom crying because I'm reading all these comments ... People have to understand y'all can't bring somebody down when they already this low."

Brown, a mother of five who runs a daycare and a dance team, had support. Her video sparked a conversation about the hairstyling challenges many Black women experience due to Eurocentric beauty standards.

Others simply let her know they were rooting for her. She said she planned to respond individually to every person who reached out to her.

"If it takes me a month, three months, I will thank everybody in my inbox," Brown said.

She had regretted posting the video but is now relieved it helped her find a solution.

"All the negative stuff that everybody was saying, I don't even care. My hair is here, the glue is gone," she said.