Ben makes a secret visit to 'Bachelorette' Tayshia, Noah starts a feud

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Ben visits Tayshia's room on 'The Bachelorette'
Ben apologized for not asking Tayshia to talk to him on last week's group date.

NEW YORK -- Fresh off the group date rose, Noah was basking in the glow of his success on the date he wasn't even supposed to be on. The other men weren't as happy for him as he obviously was for himself. Chris Harrison told the men that it was a good lesson that Tayshia likes "bold." He also told all of the men who weren't on a group date yet that they had to write a love song for Tayshia. The one who spoke to her heart the most would win a one-on-one date with her. Kenny is a boyband manager, so maybe he could have an advantage?

Competing for a One-on-One

Zac pretty much banged on a box, but sang a cute little song. Kenny's wasn't very good. Brett played the accordion and it was awful. Riley did some spoken word. Bennett did a rap and it was very awkward. Ivan called her up to the little stage area to be up there with him and he did a rap as well. It wasn't great, but his words were very sweet. Demar sang "Mocha Latte" although I don't think he plays the guitar, but he tried. In the end, Tayshia asked Ivan to go on a one-on-one date with her.

One-on-One with Ivan

Ivan started off his time with Tayshia by playing the floor is lava in her suite. Big shocker, they ended up in her bedroom where they ordered room service. Then Tayshia hit Ivan with a pillow on the bed and they had a little pillow fight. Feathers went everywhere! They enjoyed dinner together and had some quality time to talk. He told her that she brings out the best in him. Did anyone else notice the giant ice cream sundae? It must have had 100 scoops!

Meantime a date card arrived that read, Zac, Kenny, Demar, Bennett, Riley, and Blake, how far are you willing to go for love. So despite not winning the one-on-one date, they would still get some more time with Tayshia this week.

Ivan told Tayshia that his family would love her. He told her that his parents would love her 100%. He said that his dad is old because he was mid-40s when he had him. He added that his mother is the sweetest and caring person. Tayshia told Ivan that her mother has made sure that she relies on her faith through everything. Her dad isn't even 50 yet and Ivan laughed because his dad could be her dad's father. He revealed that his younger brother drank and did drugs and got into so much trouble he spent four years in prison. He also left a child behind when he went to prison. Ivan cried as he spoke about the difficulties for his young niece. He said that whatever either of them need, he's always there for them. Then they spoke about current events and shed tears on police brutality in America. Tayshia cried and they shared a lot of emotions. They really seemed to create a deep connection. So, it won't come as a surprise that she gave him the date rose! Then she showed him a slideshow of photos of her with her family when she was a little girl. It was super cute.

Truth or Dare Group Date

The group date guys met up with Tayshia to show them how far they'd go for love. It was a game of "Truth or Dare" with Sydney and Becca the former "Bachelorette." The guys had to drink disgusting drinks, let Chris Harrison autograph their butt, have a pretend orgasm to a front desk receptionist on the phone. Becca said based on that challenge she wouldn't take any of them to the fantasy suites. Then they had to eat a hot pepper, get down on one knee and propose to Tayshia, while trying not to throw up. So romantic.

That evening, Tayshia thanked them for being so daring, and being such great sports during that afternoon's challenges. Bennett said that he had some real feelings for Tayshia during the pretend proposal and he told her that he never thought that it would happen. They kissed! He was engaged before, called it off, and got emotional talking about it. He didn't get into the nitty-gritty details, and I wish we knew more about it! She seemed intrigued by Zac in the hot tub and they spent some time talking about what they want out of life. Tayshia told the guys she appreciated learning more about all of them that evening, but she decided to give the date rose to Zac.

Ben and Ed try to visit Tayshia

Ben was back at the hotel trying to figure out how to step things up after disappointing Tayshia the week before for not asking for time to speak to her. It was this week's group date, but we saw it towards the end of last week, remember?

Ed decided to go on a secret mission to talk to Tayshia and accidentally went to Chris Harrison's room. He invited him in for a drink anyway. Ben, meantime, did make it to Tayshia's room to talk to her. He apologized for disappointing her. She said that her guard goes up around him sometimes and him acting that way confirmed that to her. But then, he said he felt the same, but he wanted to go out on a limb for her and told her that he promises to be the first one to always jump up for her. She said she would forgive him. As they sealed the makeup with a kiss, room service showed up with champagne and strawberries ordered by Ben! Tayshia said it was a great surprise and she felt like their relationship progressed. Ed never did find Tayshia's room!

Cocktail Party

It was finally time for Tayshia to eliminate some men! Ben pulled Tayshia aside first before the rose ceremony. The other guys never found out about his secret one-on-one time at her hotel room, so they weren't totally annoyed that he grabbed her to chat first. Noah used his time to complain about how the other guys are jealous of him and that her intention of giving him the date rose was to stir stuff up. Tayshia marched back into the room of men and they were all caught off guard by her confrontation. She told them that she's being honest and intentional with them and not just causing drama in the house. She decided that the cocktail party was over and it was time for the rose ceremony. Noah admitted that he was the last person to speak to Tayshia, and that he told her that some of the guys think that she's not being genuine for giving him the rose. The men exploded and said that wasn't true. Eazy and Ed called him a liar and said he should have talked to them in private. Bennett said that Noah owed all the guys an apology and Tayshia. Chasen actually called the situation very "high school" and sounded more mature this week, so that's saying something.

Rose Ceremony

1) Noah (last week group date)

2) Ivan

3) Zac

4) Ben

5) Eazy

6) Riley

7) Brendan

8) Bennett

9) Blake

10) Demar

11) Spencer

12) Ed

That meant that Kenny, Chasen, Joe, and Jordan were eliminated. Next week, Tayshia grows her connection with Ben and Zac, and she puts Bennett and Noah on a two-on-one date. That's sure to bring on the drama!

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