TikTok trend, dry scooping, could land you in the hospital... or worse

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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Heard of that TikTok 'dry scooping' challenge? Don't try it!
It's called "dry scooping" and it involves taking pre-workout powder with no liquid. One 20-year-old says she suffered a heart attack after doing it.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee -- On the social media platform TikTok, users are challenging themselves to a dry scoop of pre-workout powder with the goal of boosting energy levels in the gym.

WTVC reports Briatney Portillo, a 20-year-old social media influencer, is speaking out about the harmful trend. In a rival TikTok video, Portillo reveals she suffered a heart attack after taking a dry scoop of Redcon1's Total War Pre-Workout powder.

Dr. Harish Manyam, chief of cardiology at Erlanger Hospital in Tennessee, says taking a large portion of caffeine in one setting will substantially increase blood pressure.

"You're getting this high dose of caffeine right away, rather than most people who sip their drink prior to going into the gym," says Dr. Manyam.

Dr. Manyam warns people to stay away from this trend since taking the pre-workout powders dry can have dire consequences.