Artist Trevor Wayne celebrates pop culture in Palm Springs boutique

The Trevor Wayne Store is filled with colorful prints, mugs, coasters and puzzles.

ByAmy Becker Localish logo
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Artist Trevor Wayne celebrates pop culture in Palm Springs boutique
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The Trevor Wayne Store in Palm Springs is a pop art paradise filled with colorful prints, mugs and more.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- Artist Trevor Wayne describes his pop culture gallery in Palm Springs with just one word... FUN. "That's always been my mission statement, to make people smile, and I think that works well out here in the desert, especially for people who want to get away and see something a little more unique than they're probably used to," he said.

His shop is filled with all types of merchandise including wall art, prints, mugs, coasters and puzzles, with references to beloved superheroes, The Muppets, Frida Kahlo and many more recognizable faces.

"Trevor's art made us feel something. We got it. There's a uniqueness. There's a light-heartedness, fun, but it's ultimately human," Nathan Rich, a customer from Cathedral City explained.

"I always know when someone gets my art because of the way their face lights up and they start cracking up. Usually it starts with one piece that they kind of understand and they get the reference. Once they move onto another, then another, it's like our conversations just go crazy and we just connect," Wayne shared.

To shop The Trevor Wayne store, visit 901 N Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs CA, 92262 or click here.