Twitter adds new features to restrict replies to tweets

Thursday, August 13, 2020
Twitter adds options to restrict who can reply to tweets
Twitter adds options to restrict who can reply to tweets.

Twitter users will have more control over who can respond to their tweets.

Twitter announced a new setting that will allow users to limit who can reply, giving them stronger control of their space.

With the new tool, replies can be limited to only followers or those who are mentioned in the tweet.

Twitter said the new options help some users feel safer online.

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The default setting is still set on "everyone" for public tweets, but now users can select to let only people you follow or only people you mention to reply.

Private accounts are not affected by the new settings.

Other users will still be able to like or retweet public tweets as well as vote in polls, just not reply.

One other note, if a user restricts a tweet, they will not be able to go back and make it public.