University of North Carolina invites community to submit names for on campus buildings

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Thursday, April 8, 2021
UNC opens process for renaming three on campus buildings
School officials are asking for the UNC-Chapel Hill community's input on renaming three buildings with racist ties.

The University of North Carolina has opened the process for renaming three buildings with racist ties.

Last summer, the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees voted to remove the names of three buildings on campus: the Aycock Residence Hall, the Daniels Building and the Carr Building.

All three of those men supported slavery or promoted white supremacy.

"I remain grateful for their commitment to making these historic changes. Now, we have the important task of renaming those buildings and helping to move our campus forward," said Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz.

An advisory committee met Thursday, Apr. 8, to discuss potential names.

"We have been charged by the chancellor to rename several buildings. We have been asked to bring forward 5 to 6 names that the Chancellor can advance and prioritize to the board of trustees who with consultation with the chancellor will make the final determination."

The committee is being asked to give weight to honorees who reflect the principles that the university stands for and values.

"Those principals are what we might consider as guiding principles are to make sure these honorees represent the values of our university, excellence and unwavering commitment to teaching, research and public service to be foremost in our minds, consider underrepresented individuals to reflect the true landscape of this university, need to make sure that anybody that we bring forward have demonstrated positive impact on our campus and our community."

The community is invited to submit additional names until 5 p.m. on Friday, April 9.

The committee will receive all submitted names and conduct an initial vetting process to narrow a list of possible options to six names for consideration. Guskiewicz will consider those names for submission to the Board of Trustees.

Click here for the names that have been submitted to the Office of the Chancellor at UNC-Chapel Hill for honorific naming consideration.

Click here to submit additional names.