Veteran helps other businesses thrive with his company Veteran Wood Co.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Veteran-owned business creates works of art
Veteran Wood Co. is a veteran-owned small business taking craftsmanship to the next level. Sponsored by Hiscox Business Insurance.

NEW JERSEY -- Five years ago, former police officer Mike Legregni went out to dinner, where his wife pointed out a rustic American flag hung on the wall inside the restaurant. She asked him if he could make a similar one for their own home, and he got to work doing just that.

Now, creating custom signs, vinyl prints and custom decor is Legregni's full-time job as the founder and owner of Veteran Wood Co.

Speaking about his former career as a police officer, Legregni says he often felt unfulfilled by not being able to see an issue or project through to the very end.

"When you go render aid, for the most part, or you put somebody in the back of an ambulance or you help out a family, very rarely do we see the end result of that," he explains.

Woodworking and custom sign creation, Legregni says, has offered a deeply satisfying alternative.

"There's really a sense of satisfaction when you deliver something from start to finish, and you can show the customer, look, here's what you asked for," he says.

Legregni's customers don't only include local shops and small businesses, but even law enforcement agencies. Legregni says the project he's most proud of is when he was called on by the Capitol Police to create a memorial for an officer who died in the line of duty.

"There's been so many impactful projects that I've had the opportunity to work on," Legregni adds.

So that he can stay focused on the parts of being a small business owner that matter most to him, Legregni says business insurance is crucial.

"Business insurance is your number one defense against any kind of legal claim that your business may suffer," he explains. "I've had business insurance from the first time I stepped out of my garage to go physically install something somewhere."

"I use Hiscox Business Insurance, I fully endorse them. They've been phenomenal to me. I look forward to many more years of their coverage."

As for advice Legregni has for other prospective small business owners, he says, "Find something that you like doing and just do it. If you fail at it, try it again, and if you fail it again, do something different. Don't let your failure determine your outcome"

To learn more about Veteran Wood Co., visit their website.

Sponsored by Hiscox Business Insurance.