Singing and dancing WWII Veteran celebrating 100th birthday

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Singing and dancing WWII Veteran celebrating 100th birthday
Celebrating a century! Chester "Buck" Sloan is full of life and rich memories. The World War II Veteran shares his journey and the melodies that have accompanied him through the decades as he approaches two big milestones.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Chester "Buck" Sloan has lived a full life.

"On June 1st I'll turn 100 years, it means quite a bit," Buck says with a proud smile.

You can find the World War II Veteran dancing, singing and playing his guitar every Saturday at the Buckshot Jamboree in East Houston. The jamboree is a true treasure for Buck as the walls inside the building are covered with photos and clippings of his historic past.

After his birthday, Buck and his wife, Shirley, will return to the beaches of Normandy for the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Buck's memories of his time in Europe are still fresh after eight decades, "They gave me a Browning automatic rifle which I kept from Normandy beach and took to the Battle of the Bulge."

Buck was drafted when he was 18 and at age 19 he was in the middle of the war. He was a young man fighting for his country and growing up fast. He would be awarded a Purple Heart after being wounded at the Battle of the Bulge.

However, the war wasn't all doom and gloom. Buck along with his fellow soldiers helped save a Polish boy, Joe, who had lost his parents in the fighting.

When it was time to come back home, Buck remembers, "I said what are we going to do with little Joe? Sergeant Rickie said hold on, he went and got a new duffle bag. We put little Joe in there and I carried him up the gang plank. Little Joe was coming to America with us. Sergeant Rickie adopted him."

Buck is the last surviving member of his World War II Division. He said he is looking forward to returning to Normandy one more time, "when I get through shaking a lot of hands it will feel good."

Ahead of his birthday, Buck has received dozens of cards from across the nation. If you're interested in sending Buck a birthday card, you can mail it to the Buckshot Jamboree at 7414 Hartman, Houston, TX 77049.

The Jamboree is also planning on throwing a big celebration for Buck on June 1st at 2 PM.