Bride's 'purity certificate' stirs controversy, pre-marital sex conversation

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Friday, October 23, 2015
Bride's 'purity certificate' stirs controversy online
A woman who gave her father a certificate avowing her virginity at her wedding has a lot of people talking online.

A bride has stirred controversy online after she presented her father with a certificate affirming her virginity at her wedding.

Brelyn Bowman, 22, says she and her husband, Gospel singer Tim Bowman, were shocked by the reaction as people have taken to social media to talk about the event which was posted to Instagram and other social media networks.

Bowman told ABC News she made a pledge of purity at the age of 13 to remain a virgin until marriage.

"I like to call myself the preacher of purity," Brelyn said. "I wanted to prove my word to my father."

Before her wedding, Brelyn had a gynecologist examine her hymen to verify she had not had sexual intercourse.

"The decision came from honoring God and honoring my father," Brelyn said. "He was very excited and it's like a child and they bring home a progress report."

Brelyn's sister also presented their father, Pastor Mike Freeman, with a similar certificate at her wedding.

The couple says they do not condemn anyone who might have sex before marriage, but says celibacy until marriage can help cut down rates for HIV and other STDs.

Planned Parenthood says examining the hymen cannot reveal whether a woman has had intercourse since genetic factors, exercise and tampon use can break the hymen.

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