New device from China allows couples to simulate kissing over their phones staff WTVD logo
Monday, February 27, 2023
New phone device allows couples to mimic real-life kissing
A device out of China uses sensors and records the other person's kissing noises to allow people to feel as if they are kissing their loved one in real-life.

A new device out of China allows couples to share a kiss with "real" physical intimacy from anywhere in the world.

The device, which attaches to your phone, is equipped with a silicone mold of a person's lips that has sensors and actuators to mimic an actual kiss from your loved one.

The kissing device can also transmit the sounds made by the user's partner on the other end.

The device's creator said the inspiration for the invention was his own long-distance relationship.

The kissing device can be purchased for $40.