More than 150 cats, 110 dogs looking for forever homes at Wake County shelter

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Wake County Animal Shelter is at max capacity and is seeking forever homes.

The shelter holds 91 cats, 71 kittens, 9 puppies and 102 dogs that are all looking for forever homes as soon as possible.

"We like to stay at 80-85 percent (capacity), because that gives enough room for intake. Because we are an open admissions shelter, we can't stop intake, it comes in all day, all day long," said Dr. Jennifer Federico, the Animal Services Director.

She estimates the shelter is about 95 percent full.

"If we fill up every kennel, euthanasia has to be an option for us, " said Federico, who noted they have not had to put down an animal due to spacing concerns since 2015.

To avoid that, they're reaching out to transfer partners, rescue groups and fosters and asking the public to step up.

"When you pull from a shelter, you're not only saving the life of the one you're pulling, you're making room for them by having a safe place to go," said Stephanie Dobos, a potential adopter of two kittens.

In November, the shelter will offer a special for dogs and cats eight years and older. There will be a $25 adoption fee for dogs, and name-your-price for cats.

Adopters who are 60 years or older can adopt any cat over the age of 3 for a $10 adoption fee, which includes spay/neuter services.

To adopt a pet find the Wake County Animal Center website here.

The Wake County Animal Center is located at 820 Beacon Lake Road in Raleigh. It is open seven days a week, from noon to 6 PM.
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