Wake Forest woman flying to Ukraine to help sort supplies and help her homeland

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Wake Forest mom is headed to her native Ukraine this week because she wants to do more.

Slava Petukhova showed ABC11 the different medical supplies she's taking with her from surgical tape to tourniquets.

It's also her two hands she's bringing along.

"People over there are getting stuck with so much stuff," she said. "They're physically not able to sort things and deliver them."

Petukhova has been organizing rallies and events to raise money for the humanitarian effort throughout Wake County. On Tuesday, she'll fly from RDU to Atlanta and then on to Poland.

She said she'll be helping to sift through supplies before taking a load to Ukraine.

The needs change on a daily basis, and she's hoping to drive back and forth between the two countries to address them.

"People are working around the clock, plus they are dealing with refugees," Slava said. "We're trying to get in and help in any way we can."

She said she is also going to remind people that an invasion is still happening. She showed up for Monday's interview in a T-shirt with the Ukrainian president on it.

It says "The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride."

"Suddenly when you are going, it totally shakes people up and they pay attention to this more," she said. "It's hard when things are getting a bit quiet. The news isn't talking as much. You start forgetting it but my heart doesn't feel right just to stay out of it and people there need so much more help."
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