Cumberland County fire departments on high alert, issue 'mandatory manpower' during sweltering heat

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Many of us were begging for summer weather months ago, but now, temperatures are touching triple digits.

"Winter is my favorite time in North Carolina," said Division Chief Brandon Hanzal of the Stoney Point Fire Department.

Fire departments in the South have been inundated with heat-related calls and Stoney Point is urging everyone to play it safe.

"The most important thing for the average person is if you're working outside in the heat, you should always set yourself on an appropriate work-rest schedule," said Chief Brandon P. Hanzal.

It's a recommendation that fire departments in the county have to follow as well.

County fire departments are on high heat alert, issuing mandatory manpower for all calls.

"When we do have a fire in this heat, it's important to have enough people there for that work-rest cycle. We had an additional engine company to that response automatically," Hanzal said.

Heat exhaustion can happen during the course of a few hours. In cars, it can happen almost instantly.

Cumberland County fire departments are taking no chances and you shouldn't either.

"Once you stop sweating, that's your body telling you that you have had enough. your body's way of saying we've done all we can," Hanzal said.
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