Meat-free workplaces: WeWork tells employees it will no longer pay for meat to reduce environmental impact

ByDanny Clemens WTVD logo
Saturday, July 14, 2018
This company is no longer paying for employees to eat meat
WeWork, a company that offers office and coworking spaces around the globe, will no longer pay for meat at company functions or let employees expense meals containing meat.

NEW YORK -- You'll no longer be able to find pork chops or chicken wings at events sponsored by WeWork, which committed this week to become a meat-free company in an effort to reduce its environmental impact.

In an email to employees, WeWork co-founder and chief culture officer Miguel McKelvey told employees that the company will no longer serve or pay for poultry, pork or red meat at company-organized events. Additionally, employees will no longer be able to expense meals containing meat, a company spokeswoman confirmed.

McKelvey estimated that the move will help the company save more than 16 billion gallons of water and 15 million animals over the next five years.

"We are energized by this opportunity to leave a better world for future generations and appreciate your partnership as we continue the journey," McKelvey told employees. He indicated that the company would work with employees who have specialized dietary needs for medical or religious purposes.

New York-based WeWork, which employs nearly 6,000 employees, offers co-working space for more than 250,000 freelancers and other professionals in dozens of cities around the globe.

The company joins a growing list of organizations worldwide that have made environmentally conscious policy changes. Starbucks, American Airlines and Bon Appetit are among those who have recently announced restrictions or all-out bans on plastic straws, cutlery and other single-use utensils. Other companies like Apple, Kohl's and the National Hockey League are investing heavily in renewable energy.