Whole Foods hides gift cards throughout the Triangle

Diane Wilson Image
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Whole Foods

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Will you find the Whole Foods gift cards hidden throughout the Triangle?

Every Thursday, Whole Foods in the NC Triangle, hides a $25 gift card somewhere in the metro area and posts clues to its location on their Instagram account, @wholefoodstriangle.

So far, 63 gift cards have been found in the grocer's weekly treasure hunt. The gift cards have been hidden in a historic chicken coop in Wake Forest, a bench in Zebulon, and a park in Durham - just to name a few.

Whole Foods says the first clue is posted on Thursday and then additional clues are posted throughout the day until someone finds the card and posts a selfie on their personal Instagram account. The finder must tag @wholefoodstriangle and use the hashtag #topotriangle (short for Topography Triangle). Once a selfie is posted following those requirements, the gift card is activated and ready to use at any Whole Foods Market location.

The giveaway is bringing a lot of smiles throughout the Triangle. Happy Hunting!