TSA rolls out new screening procedures, leads to long lines at RDU

RDU (WTVD) -- Going through security at RDU Airport could take you slightly longer than before. TSA has just started implementing a new screening procedure.

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Any electronic larger than a cell phone now has to be placed in its own bin.

The TSA hopes screening items one-by-one will improve counter-terrorism efforts.

The change kicked-in Tuesday and it led to long security waits.

One ABC11 Eyewitness shared a photo on Twitter showing the line stretched out of the restricted area and into the concourse. The line wrapped around a ticket counter.

The TSA said Wednesday that adjustments have been made to smooth up operations. The federal agency would not get into specific and is citing security reasons.

The changes only affect carry-on bags and not what you check at the gate. Some travelers call it an extra annoyance.

"You've already got to take off the shoes. You got to take off the hoodies, take off the jewelry. You have to put your laptop in a separate one. So yeah, I can definitely see where that can hold up the entire process," said travel Danielle Wiggins.

RDU says it is working with the TSA to improve the new screening process.
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