Caught on video: Dogs run for help when owner collapses from stroke

ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida -- Two dogs jumped into action when their owner collapsed inside her home.

Maureen Hatcher collapsed in her Florida home on Dec. 3 after suffering from a stroke.

What happened next proves her labradors, Bella and Sadie, are more than just a woman's best friend.

They're giving new meaning to the phrase "rescue dogs."

The pair was seen on a doorbell camera bolting out of the house to get help for their owner.

"I remember Sadie came in and I said, 'momma needs help' and then they were gone," Hatcher said.

The frantic barks summoned neighbor Alexandra Naspolini.

That's when she followed them back home.

"I asked, 'where is mom? Where is mom?' The house was so dark. I was so afraid to be inside but it was like, 'something is wrong,'" she said.

She found Hatcher and called paramedics. They were able to get her to the hospital before she suffered any major damage.
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