Local hair salon helps cancer patients, survivors feel beautiful

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Cary hair salon helps those battling or recovering from cancer look and feel beautiful.

For Marlene Copeland, her visit to Joule Salon in Cary was more than just a routine cut and color. With each snip of the scissors she was getting that much closer to feeling like her "old self" after a battle with breast cancer that began when she found a lump with a self-examination.

"It wasn't really something I did on a regular basis, but something that day just told me to do this exam," she recalled.

Luckily, she caught the cancer in time. But, in addition to surgery, she had to undergo chemo, which caused her to lose her hair. A year later it had grown back, but it wasn't till she came to see Lisa Rivoli, the owner of Joule Salon, that she finally had her new regrowth cut and styled.

"I said, 'Lisa I need a haircut,' and she said 'come in!' It just looked so much better, I couldn't believe it!" Marlene said with a laugh.

And, to make the experience that much more meaningful, all the services were free, compliments of Joule's new Monday's Program.

Lisa and the rest of her staff offer this the second Monday of every month for people who are undergoing cancer treatment, radiation, or chemotherapy, or those who are recovering from treatment.

"We get so much out of it as stylists. It makes us feel so good to use what we do to give back to others," Lisa explains. "Some of our clients are undergoing double mastectomies and I didn't realize they can't lift their arms up, so they'll need their hair shampooed, they can't blow dry it or shampoo it, so we provide that service."

And, it leaves those sitting in these chairs both looking and feeling great.

"I can't even think of the words for her, it's just unbelievable, it's so nice," exclaimed Marlene as she admired Lisa's finished project.

If you or someone you know is battling cancer or recovering from cancer treatment, you can call Joule Salon to schedule an appointment: https://www.joulesalon.com/
4242 NW Cary Pkwy, Cary, NC 27513
(919) 297-0152

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