This Philadelphia designer makes stylish gowns for dogs!

PHILADELPHIA -- This Philly designer is making man's best friend, man's best-dressed friend.

Gustavo Ugarte's life changed 13 years ago when he witnessed a little dog thrown out of the car in front of him.

Ugarte decided to keep the puppy and named her Princess. She's his best friend and they go everywhere together.

He started to dress her up but decided he could make better, high end, over the top outfits.

He used his sewing skills that he learned from his grandmother and started dressing Princess in extravagant gowns.

Eventually, people were asking him to make outfits for their dogs and he decided to create Wow Wow Ugarte Collection.

Gustavo feels that the dogs enjoy the outfits because it gives them attention and makes them feel human.

You can purchase one of his designs via his Facebook page . (Special thanks to the Pennsylvania SPCA for providing the 4-legged adoptable models.)