'Now that is a big one:' 6-foot alligator hit by car in Union County

UNION COUNTY, North Carolina -- A 6-foot alligator was found Monday night in the middle of Highway 74 in Union County, WSOC reports.

A driver called to report the alligator in the middle of the busy Highway, just before midnight.

It was about a mile outside of Marshville town limits, near Stegall Lake.

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"I had to move over a little bit, but it was still moving," the woman told county dispatchers. "I wasn't fixing to stay right there!"

Officers said the gator suffered a fatal head wound from being hit by a car.

"I've heard of turtles in the roadway, but you'd expect a turtle in a roadway," said officer Steven Fultz said. "I don't think you'd hear of an alligator. That's something you'd expect in Florida, near the Everglades, not here in Marshville, North Carolina."

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