Nonprofit provides free house cleaning for women in cancer treatment

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Friday, January 16, 2015
Cleaning for a reason
Cleaning For A Reason partners with cleaning companies across country to donate services to women undergoing cancer treatment.

Everyone knows undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment takes a tremendous emotional and physical toll on the patient. Often, there's little energy left to do much of anything - especially clean and care for a house. That's why the national nonprofit, Cleaning For A Reason was born.

"In 2009, we started participating in Cleaning For A Reason," explained Joe McCutcheon, owner of Triangle Green Cleaning.

His company's main purpose focuses on cleaning homes with environmentally safe products, but cleaning homes for women undergoing cancer treatment has given another purpose.

"Our employees love doing this. "The employees, they love knowing they get a chance to give back. They usually form relationships with these patients and the patients form relationships with the cleaners. We think every cleaning company should do this," he said.

And, many companies do. There are dozens of cleaning companies in each state donating their services to Cleaning For A Reason.

"Pretty much in every city there's cleaning companies doing this," said McCutcheon. "And, we'd like to see more cleaning companies. We think every cleaning company should do this."

Each company working with the nonprofit has agreed to help two patients at a time donating four free house cleanings once a month for four consecutive months. The service is available to women 19 and up who are currently undergoing any type of cancer treatment, and, it does require a doctor's verification.

"We've been doing this about 6 years and we've probably done about 40 patients," said McCutcheon. "All our customers, we're able to help them out and allow them to have more time on their hands. But, we don't see them as customers as much as patients. For them, we're able to help them save their money for other places and have time to rest and spend time with loved ones. So, we see it as cleaning that has meaning."

For more information on Cleaning For A Reason click HERE.

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