Photos: 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winners, finalists

Wildlife photography often captures the majestic and awe-inspiring side of nature. But the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards look to highlight the lighter side of animals.

"The essence of the competition is to raise awareness of the wildlife that we live with," said panel judge Tom Sullam in a press release. "Comedy is an essential part of our lives, and there are thousands of occasions when pets and wild animals alike behave in a funny manner."

The photographers captured the animals at opportune times to induce giggles, from a cheetah pondering a speed limit sign to a bear walking on its hind legs. The overall winner was "Tough Day at the Office" by Angela Bohlke.

Take a look at the 40 finalists for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards in the gallery above, and see the full list of winners on the contest's website.
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