Domestic murder victim never told coworkers about trouble at home


Now the apparent murder-suicide is the talk of that neighborhood, where one neighbor told Eyewitness News,"He shot her and then shot himself."

Another neighbor told said she could not recall much about Ms. Griffin: "She was just a good neighbor, that's all I know. Her and her little boy!"

Griffin worked as a patient care assistant at Rex Hospital in Raleigh. Her supervisor, Kirsten Riggs, spoke with Eyewitness News about hearing that police think Griffin is a victim of extreme domestic violence.

"It definitely was a shock," said Riggs. "She was a very private person. We never would have known anything to be different, or amiss at home."

Riggs hired Griffin. She told us the woman co-workers called Roz made a real impression from day one.

Riggs called Griffin "a wonderful employee. She's dedicated, she's well liked by all of her peers, she has an infectious smile. She's just a joy to work with. We are truly sad that this has happened."

Griffin will be remembered, said Riggs, for "her smile, her attitude. All the things you look for in a good employee, she was what you needed."

Riggs said Rex will provide counselors on Monday, for any hospital worker affected by the grim news. She says the counselors will remind "anyone who might have domestic issues at home, that it's okay to share them with your co-workers."

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