Fourth man arrested in connection with ammunition explosions

February 20, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
Police in Sanford say a fourth man has been arrested in connection with the ammunition explosions that rocked south Raleigh last week.

It comes on the same day that three others involved came to federal court for the first time.

A U.S. Marshal's van brought the trio to the federal courthouse in Raleigh Thursday.

All have been charged with illegally immigrating from Mexico. One appeared before a judge - but hearings for the other two were postponed until Monday.

Authorities believe at least some of the men may have dropped off live munitions at a Raleigh scrap yard.

Eyewitness News also received photos from the Sanford police, showing spent shells and live small arms ammunition found at a house in east Sanford.

The man who lives there is now being held in the case.