Court: School board may set up year-round schools


"We don't want to disrupt what parents have already made decision's for I'm sure 2008-2009 we will have some form of consent as a part of the process," Wake Co. School Board Chair, Rosa Gill said.

Wake County school board members are planning to continue the debate over what will happen to the more than 134,000 students in their school district.

"We have a number of schools that feel that their school population is unknown and precarious whether kids will opt out or how many kids may opt in," Wake County School Board Member, Lori Millberg said.

The State Court of Appeals did rule in favor of the Wake County School System supporting the notion that students do have a right to a public education but not the calendar.

"We are pleased that the appeal process is over," Gill said.

She also says their main goal is to deal with overcrowding.

"We need capacity in order for us to catch up with growth," Gill said. "The year round school the traditional school and a magnet school those options are there."

But for parents like Sheila Shang who has kids on different track's the ruling could change everything.

"My biggest concern for my daughter is she is very happy where she is, and the traditional calendar works for her," Shang said. "The modify calendar doesn't work for her, it works for my son but not for her."

Gill says they are not about trying to make life difficult for parents But the decision may be out of the school districts hands.

Wake CARES sued the Wake County school district and today's ruling affects them the most.

In a statement, Dawn Graff told Eyewitness News they were disappointed with the part of the ruling.

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