Wilson's murder trial underway

RALEIGH, NC Jakiem Wilson, 24, is accused of the February 2007 murder of his wife, Nneka.

Wilson called 911 to report that intruders had killed his wife and scrawled a message in her blood. Wilson has since admitted he stabbed his wife to death while the couple's two small children were at home.

The only time Wilson looked up was when he walked into the courtroom.

As each witness, including his former mother-in-law testified, he kept his head bowed, never making eye contact with anyone.

One of the first things jurors heard was that Nneka Wilson fought off her husband at their home near Wendell in February of last year, but despite her efforts she was repeatedly stabbed.

"Nneka struggled for her life that night. Nneka struggled to remain a mother to her two children. A struggle that she lost," Wake Prosecutor Stephanie Davis said.

Jurors also heard Jakiem's call to 911 the morning he said he came in and found his wife murdered while his two small children were sleeping.

He described a message scrawled in blood.

Wilson: "There's blood on the floor and there's something saying, 'Your (expletive) is dead and you're next'." 911 Operator: "There's a note there?" Wilson: "In her blood."

Investigators believe Wilson was trying to make the murder appear gang related, but he later confessed.

And Monday his attorney told jurors it was only his degree of guilt that was in question.

"Jakiem does not deny that deny that he committed the horrible acts that caused Nneka's death. What's at issue here is whether he did so with premeditation," Defense Attorney Amos Tyndall said.

Two men are charged with helping Wilson stage the scene for investigators.

At least one of them is expected to testify on Tuesday.

Jurors were told that the two would explain how Wilson reenacted the murder after they showed up at the scene.

Another important development in the trial, the judge ruled that a search warrant used to collect evidence at the Wilson home was invalid.

Meaning jurors may not be allowed to see some, if not all of that evidence.

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